Automatic region selection

The Rivet Matchmaker uses the client’s IP address to determine the closest region. This allows us to find the optimal lobby for the player and connect them to a lobby in under a second.

If you want to implement your own region selection logic, use matchmaker.regions.list to list all enabled regions for your game.

Can I ping game servers instead?

We intend to expose speed test endpoints in each region to allow you to test the latency to each region within your game.

However, we wanted to make the Rivet Matchmaker able to connect players to game servers in under a second, so we default to using the client’s location from their IP.

Which GeoIP database does Rivet use under the hood?

We use Cloudflare’s provided geolocation.

There are a series of existing GeoIP databases with varying accuracy that we researched. However, we found that Cloudflare provides the most consistently accurate client location since they have more routing information than just the client’s IP to work with.